Student Government 2008-2009 School Year

Student Elected Leadership (2008-2009)
  • President Jason Huynh (Class of 2009)
  • Vice-President Nicole Mozee (Class of 2009)
  • Secretary Lauren Aro (Class of 2009)
  • Treasurer Dhara Amin (Class of 2009)
  • Communications Director Mit Patel (Class of 2009)


2008-2009 Officer Project
  • Issue: Lack of a inviting atmosphere in classrooms around the building led Student Government to propose a way for Students to leave their mark on/in the building. The hope was to connect the past, present and future student bodies while also thanking favorite teachers.
  • Result: During midterm exams, 24 seniors paid $5.00 to paint ceiling tiles for Mrs. Carmack (CHOR), Mrs. Quartarone (C212), Mrs. Wiesel (D209), Mr. Miller (E106), Mrs. Fallon (C207), Mr. Koliss (E004), Mrs. Johnson (D207), Mr. Freccia (E105), Mrs. Reggio (E005), and Mrs. Yarnall (E006).


Meeting Minutes (August thru December)