Background of Newark Student Government

History of NHS Student Government

Brief Overview of Founding

The most recent version at Newark High School of a "student council" or "student government" organization was introduced during the 2002-2003 school year under the direction of Mr. Brent Freccia at the behest of then Principal Flo Rieman. One student in particular was the driving force behind the restart in petitioning the administration and securing faculty support for the restart: Meredith Mosko (Class of 2005).

The prior organization, known as the Student Government Association, was disbanded in the early 1990's with many of its responsibilities divided amongst other school organizations, most notably BAASU (which took over the Talent Show), the class councils (Spirit Week and Prom) and the Student Activities Advisory Committee (a forerunner of the modern "Sportsmanship Committee", which was placed in charge of the PepFests and Homecoming Dance).

Due to further restructuring of membership criteria (transitioning from homeroom representatives to an "open" body), the Constitution was re-written in 2004. The full text of the revised Student Government Constitution can be found here.

Advisors of Newark's Student Government

  • Mr. Brent J. Freccia (advisor since 2002-2003 school year)

Past officers of Newark's Student Government (from most recent)

For officers of the previous "Student Government Association" and "Student Activities Advisory Committee", click on the links. Lists of officers for both organiations were found via researching prior editions of the Krawen yearbook.


  • President Jason Huynh
  • Vice President Nicole Mozee
  • Secretary Lauren Aro
  • Treasurer Dhara Amin
  • Communications Director Mit Patel


  • President Shawn Patterson
  • Vice President Glenn Watson
  • Secretary Jess Ermak
  • Treasurer Laura Newhard
  • Sergeant-at-Arms Michelle Lepori-Bui


  • President Justine Watson
  • Vice President Alexis Cutonilli
  • Secretary Catharine Parker
  • Treasurer Sarah Hurst
  • Sergeant-at-Arms Jae Shim


  • President Chelsea Mayer
  • Vice President Sarah Hale
  • Secretary Catharine Parker
  • Treasurer Alexis Cutonilli
  • Sergeant-at-Arms Justine Watson


  • President Lynzee Nichols
  • Vice President Chelsea Maher
  • Secretary Josh Read
  • Treasurer Kate Saltz (was impeached in December, replaced by Kaira Patrick)
  • Sergeant-at-Arms Maria Murtaugh (was impeached in October, replaced by Meredith Mosko)


  • President Eli Turkel
  • Vice President Chelsea Maher
  • Secretary Josh Read
  • Treasurer Stephanie DeSanno
  • Historian Aaron Kendall


  • Executive Council (formally the Constitutional Committee):
    • Meredith Mosko
    • Eli Turkel
    • Josh Read
    • Stephanie DeSanno
    • Aaron Kendall
    • Abdula Mian
    • Lynzee Nichols
    • Bethanie Walker
    • Dawn Brown

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