Buzz Squad

The "Buzz Squad" is a secret society within Student Government that is sworn to protect (and defend) Newark's Mascot, Buzz. Established during the 2006-2007 school year, members of this group have included many high ranking officers in Student Government and various other school organizations.

Qualifications to join include:

  • Maintaining a 3.0 GPA
  • Availability during at least one sports season
  • Member of Student Government (attended at least three monthly meetings during that school year)
  • Flexable afterschool schedule (w/ transportation arrangements)
  • Excitable personality

Perks include:

  • Special T-Shirt paid for by Student Government
  • Free admission to any school or district event (sporting or otherwise)
  • Excused absences from classes for Mascot related activities (PepFest, Signing Day, etc.)
  • Allowed field and court access at sporting events
  • Being a part of exciting events at the school


  • Buzz 101
    • The purpose of Buzz
    • Life as a mascot
    • The Secret of Buzz
    • When Buzz is needed (scheduling)

  • Training
    • Transforming into Buzz
    • Buzz mannerisms
    • "Mascot rules"
    • Do's and Don't with Costume
    • Guarding and shifts

  • Practice
    • Attend and perform at a JV event
    • Get rated by current member of the Buzz Squad
    • If approved: you can be scheduled for school events
    • If not approved: repeat the process