Proposed Amendments to the NSG Constitution

Modification #1 (Changing Article 3, Section 1)
  • Eliminate school wide elections for the "Secretary" and "Treasurer" positions (they will instead be elected in the last Student Government meeting of the year)
    • Students running for these positions must still follow all guidelines outlined in Article 4, Section 5 except having 100 students sign a "desire to run form"
  • Eliminate the positions of "Sergeant-at-Arms" and "Historian"

Modification #2 (Changing Article 3, Section 6)
  • Add the position of "Communications Director", who will absorb duties of eliminated positions (Sergeant-at-Arms and Historian), and be in charge of advertising for NSG (Article 3, Section 6)
  • The position will be elected at the last Student Government meeting of the year

Modification #3 (Changing Article 3, Section 4)
  • Eliminate "a single detention" from officer probation reasons

Amendment #1
  • Impeachment procedures for Student Government Officers
    • Should a student officer violate rules stated in Article 3, Section 4 and/or Section 5, said student will be impeached.
    • In order to be impeached, a majority of the other officers (two or more) with the consent of the advisor OR the advisor will notify said student.
    • Said student will have the option of resigning from the position or defending themselves before the next scheduled NSG meeting(s)
    • 2/3 of the Student Government members present at the meeting(s) must vote to "convict", which would result in removing the student from the officer position.
    • If over half of the students present at the meeting(s) vote to "convict", said student has been censured and will be removed from the position should any other infraction take place during their term in office.
    • If under half of the students present at the meeting(s) vote to "convict", said student has been aquitted of all charges and will remain in their position with a marking period probation.
    • If a student is "convicted" they can run for a position ONLY by majority vote prior to the election taking place.