Student Government Meeting Minutes for 2008-2009

Minutes for the Sept. 12th Officer Meeting

  • Poweder Puff is now going to be on Wednesday of spirit week.
  • Spirit Week:
    • Monday: Hat Day
    • Tuesday: Pajama Pants Day
    • Wednesday: Business Day
    • Thursday: Senior Teach Day
    • Friday: Spirit Day
  • Senior Teach Day Rules
    • must have approval from teacher
    • limit: you can only teach one class
    • the teacher must tell Freccia
    • Max 2 people teaching per block
  • Homecoming
    • DJ needs to be booked ASAP
    • New Name: Shanghai Night
    • Cost: $10.00 per person
    • Party Favors: glow stick necklaces from oriental trading
  • 20,000 student to graduate from Newark
    • ideas: certificate or scholarship ??????
  • Bowling Night
    • Student Govt will probably host a bowling night and open it up to the entire school....
    • more information to come!!



Minutes for the August 28th Officer Meeting (recorded by Lauren Aro)

Mr. Freccia ran the meeting for Jason because he was at a sport event.
  • Meetings
    • All meetings will be held on B-day during all 3 lunches
    • 1st meeting for everybody will be Thursday Sept. 4th
  • What we still need for homecoming
    • Party favors: fans or fortune cookies
    • DJ: Nicole and Jason have information on DJs we just have to compare info
    • Light Coverings
    • Homecoming Elections: will be discussed during the September Meeting
    • Selling Homecoming Tickets: Will be discussed during the October Meeting
  • Gym Location for Homecoming
    • Homecoming will be held in the lower gym this year. The decorations will be set up in that area.
    • We will also have a photographer this year taking professional pictures.
  • "Homecoming Construction"
    • Homecoming construction will be open to all student government members and not just officers.
    • Two dates have already been set up for homecoming construction.
      • Tues. Sept. 30th
      • Tues. Oct. 7th
  • Theme Days for Spirit Week
    • The officers brainstormed a bunch of ideas so it is narrowed down for the members to decide from.
      • Days include: pajama pants day, hat day, mis-match day, twin day, jersey day, retro day, inside-out day, backwards day, nerd day, senior teach day, college day
  • Other Info
    • Student Government will donate money to Mr. McDowell to help make school more green
    • Tile Project will be happening
    • Officer Project will be Bathroom Clean Up and will take place in December. We will do one boys and one girls bathroom.

Minutes for the June 4th Officer Meeting (recorded by Lauren Aro)

10:30 - 11:15 am - Events & Proposals

  • Tile Project
    • January after 1/2 days when we have midterms is when painting will take place.
    • Pick your favorite teacher and paint a tile from their classroom.
  • Field Day
    • Will take place in May or June (4th Marking Period)
    • Could be a half day after finals of after the first day of finals instead of classes.
    • Could be a Saturday to be a full day
    • Events include: moon bounce, water balloon/super soaker fights, battle of the classes with football and ultimate frisbee, combine with Survivor events, since we plan to eliminate Survivor
    • Could possibly be a reward activity
  • Dodgeball Tournament
    • Make it district wide for both students and teachers
    • Could take place during an inservice day or one Saturday
    • Sometime during March and could be linked to DSTP's
  • Drive in Movie
    • Would be in main parking lot against school building.
    • We could talk to the local movie theater to see if we can use a projector for that night.
    • Mr. Bedford was for this idea. He wants us to have as much school spirit as possible!!!
  • No Spring Dance, No Survivor, No Prom Fashion Show
  • Buzz will be passed to another school organization such as the Cheerleaders or Sportsmanship (possibly athletic director)
  • Proposed Projects for 2008-2009
    • Bathrooms: Could be during fall/spirit week and we would "prepare" for one set of bathrooms to be redone.
      • We could also have a collection for bathroom items "adopt a bathroom'
      • Would try to get other school organizations involved.
    • Paint Hallways and Classrooms: Can be linked to tile project. (painting can be on same day)
    • Courtyard: Become Senior Area with limited access or could also be a mini food court.

11:15-12:15 - Picking out the Homecoming decorations, crowns, etc.
Homecoming will be Oct. 25th 7-10 p.m.