NSG Helps!

Part of Newark Student Government's mission is to give back to the Newark High community. In order to qualify for a grant from Student Government, the following steps must be taken:
  1. The advisor and/or an officer of the club or activity must submit (in writing) a grant proposal to Mr. Freccia.
  2. Mr. Freccia will then take the proposal to the next scheduled Officer Meeting where the officers and members of the executive council will vote on the proposal in a secret ballot.
  3. Majority rules reguarding the decision, with Student Government deciding how much money (up to $500) to grant to the approved organization.
  4. The advisor of the student organization will be notified of the result (either way). If approved, Mr. Freccia and the NSG Treasurer will transfer the funds to your school account.

Student Government cannot:
  • Donate over $500 to the same organization during the same school year.
  • Donate money to an organization AFTER an event takes place.
  • Donate money to an organization that will make a profit on an event (unless that organization will return the money after covering costs)
  • Approve grants without approval of the Executive Council

In addition, Student Government has access to numerous fundraiser ideas and supplies should an organization request access to them.


  • Assisted with the Canned Food Drive with FCLA
  • $150 for HOBY Registration
  • $500 to JDG
  • $500 to Yellowjacket Buzz
  • $350 to Science Olympiad
  • $301 to The Stadium Light Fund
  • $150 to Math League

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