Rules for the Faculty and Student Dodgeball Tournaments

Background Information

  • Since 2005, the Faculty at Newark High School have participated in an annual Dodgeball Tournament sponsored by Student Government. A student tournament was added in 2006.

Registration (Faculty)

  • Contact Mr. Freccia expressing your interest to play in the tournament by a date to be announced.
  • Send information reguarding your t-shirt size to Mr. Freccia to recieve your very own Dodgeball T-shirt to keep. The winning team will also recieve medals and have the chance to win back the "Yellowjacket Golden Ball" by defeating the student tournament winners following the conclusion of the Faculty Tournament.

Registration (Student)

  • Each team must submit the registration form for their team and pay the registration fee of $30.00 to Mr. Freccia no later than a date to be announced. If there are less than four teams participating, your team captain will be notified and the registration money will be refunded the following Monday.
  • Registration money will go to pay for team t-shirts, that are to be worn on game day. The winning team will be awarded medals and attempt to retain the "Yellowjacket Golden Ball" by defeating the winning faculty team the following day.
  • Each team member must have had a recent sports physical within the last six months as well as signed permission to participate by a parent or guardian.
  • Students are allowed to play on more than one team, should they want to. However, should those two teams face off that student can not participate. Make sure that your alternates do not have the same conflict of interest or you could be a "man-down" in that particular match.
  • Faculty and Staff are allowed to participate on the Student Teams this year but no more than two staff members can be on a team and they must have some affiliation with the students in some way (advisor, coach, current teacher, etc.).


  • Each team can only have six players "active" for each game.
  • Once a match starts, a team must play with the players on the court. Late arriving teammates, for example, will not be allowed to play once the game clock starts. In cases where one team outnumbers the other, the team that is outnumbered is playing a man down and is not given any special advantage.
  • An "out" is recorded when...
    • A player catches a ball thrown by an opponent that has not bounced
    • A player is hit by a ball thrown by an opponent
    • A player drops a ball thrown by an opponent that has not bounced
    • A player crosses the center court line
    • A player hits someone in the head (the player that threw the ball is ejected from the game)
  • An "out" is not recorded if...
    • The ball bounces off of a wall, ceiling, or bleacher
    • The ball bounces off another player, referee or audience member
    • The ball hits the basketball rim, net, or backboard
    • The ball hits someone in the head
  • Players may re-enter the game when...
    • A teammate catches a ball thrown by an opponent
    • A teammate makes a basket from half-court (if that occurs, all "out" members of a team may return to the game)
  • Any player who displays reckless, or unsportsmanlike, behavior as deemed by the referees will be removed for a period of time decided by the level of infraction (the game, the match, or the entire tournament). Examples of unsportsmanlike behavior include, but are not limited to...
    • Arguing with calls made by the referees
    • Aiming with the intention to hurt another student (going for their legs at close range, taking shorts at the head, etc.)
    • Taunting or fowl language directed at the opponent

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