NHS Student Dodgeball Tournament 2007

2007 Tournament final results

  1. NHS Baseball (6-1)
  2. The Bangaz (4-3)
  3. NHS Soccer (4-2)
  4. Bellevue Boys (2-3)
  5. NHS Boys Cross Country (1-4)
  6. The League of Gentlemen (0-1)
  7. BYAH! (0-1)
  8. Lady Jays (1-1)
  9. Junior Hotties (0-2)

NHS Baseball defeated the Faculty Winners (the White Team), 2-1 during the Faculty Tournament.

2007 Tournament Recap

Round 1

  • Game 1: NHS Soccer defeated Junior Hotties, 8-0
  • Game 2: NHS Boys Cross Country defeated Lady Jays, 8-0
  • Game 3: The Bangaz defeated The League of Gentlemen, 5-4
  • Game 4: NHS Baseball defeated BYAH!, 6-2 (featuring a half-court shot by R.J. Hull for Baseball)
  • Bellevue Boys recieved a first round bye based on random selection prior to tournament

Round 2

  • Game 5: NHS Baseball defeated Bellevue Boys
    • Highlight: Several line violations by Bellevue allow Baseball to cruise to their first victory.
  • Game 6: NHS Soccer defeated The Bangaz
    • Highlight: Two catches by Bangaz at the one minute mark sealed the win.
  • Game 7: NHS Baseball defeated NHS Boys Cross Country
    • Highlight: NHS Boys Cross Country had only one player on the court for over two minutes, displaying some very athletic dodges by John Harper in the process.
  • Game 8: Bellevue Boys defeated NHS Soccer
    • Highlight: R.J. Hull of the Bellevue Boys hit his second mid-court shot of the tournament at the 1:30 mark to change the match in their favor, after trailing for the first 3:30.
  • Game 9: Bangaz defeated NHS Boys Cross Country
    • Highlight: Cross Country trailed 7-1 and managed to rally to 5-3 before faultering in the final minute.
  • Game 10: NHS Baseball defeated NHS Soccer
    • Highlight: Four lead changes in the last 30 seconds led to a last second dramatic victory for Baseball. The last, game winning, out was a catch by Baseball with :07 left, leading to a 4-2 win.
  • Game 11: Bangaz defeated Bellevue Boys
    • Highlight: Controversial final call surrounding a double catch with the match at 3-1 with 1:30 to go leaves members of the Bellevue Boys heated. The ruling was that a Bangaz player made a catch of a Bellevue throw before the last remaining Bellevue player caught a Bangaz throw. Since the Bellevue player was already "out" when he made the catch the match was ruled over by the scoring table.
  • Game 12: NHS Soccer defeated NHS Boys Cross Country
    • Highlight: For the third match in a row, Boys Cross Country was down to only a single player (John Harper) before the halfway point and failed to rally.
  • Game 13: Bangaz defeated NHS Baseball
    • Highlight: After nearly forfeiting the match, the Bangaz dispatch Baseball with ease and proceed to celebrate in a manner that angers some members of the Baseball squad.
  • Game 14: Bellevue Boys defeated NHS Boys Cross Country
    • Highlight: A Bellevue player makes a very painful "out" when jumping to avoid a ball and doesn't time is jump well.

Round 3

  • Game 15: NHS Baseball defeated Bangaz, lead series 1-0
    • Highlight: Baseball leads the entire way, starting off strong with two takedowns on the opening throw.
  • Game 16: NHS Baseball defeated Bangaz, win series 2-0
    • Highlight: Down 4-2 late, Baseball pulls a double play to win the tournament (catching a ball and a put out).

Female supremacy match

  • Lady Jays defeated Junior Hotties
    • Highlight: Lady Jays easily dispatch the Junior Hotties 8-0 without losing a player.

Third place match

  • NHS Soccer defeated the Bellevue Boys

Game facts

  • Attendance: Capacity crowd for East Gym (around 500 people)
  • Referees: Dr. Caulk and Mr. Bacon
  • Umpires: Mr. Tomashek and Ms. Garber
  • Official scorer/announcer: Mr. Freccia
  • Tournament time: 100 minutes

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