student_dodgeball.jpgNHS Student Dodgeball Tournament II

The 2007 Results


Tournament Recap

Round 1 (two minute rounds, single game)

  • Game 1: Integrations defeated Tormenta, 6-2
  • Game 2: Houston Squad defeated Soulja Girls, 6-0
  • Game 3: NHS Basketball defeated Integrations, 4-2
  • Game 4: Houston Squad defeated Y.K., 6-0 (Houston Squad advances to Round 2)
  • Game 5: NHS Basketball defeated Tormenta, 5-1 (NHS Basketball advances to Round 2)
  • Game 6: Y.K. defeated Soulja Girls, 5-0

Tormenta and Soulja Girls eliminated from competition.

Wild Card Round (five minute round, single game)

  • Wild Card: Integrations defeated Y.K., 4-0 (Integrations advances to Round 2)

Y.K. eliminated from competition.

Round 2 (five minute rounds, single game)

  • Game 7: NHS Baseball defeated NHS Basketball, 5-0.
    • Highlight: NHS Baseball begins title defense with clutch catches at the two minute mark to seal the game.
  • Game 8: NHS Basketball defeats Integrations, 4-0.
    • Highlight: NHS Basketball rallies from 4-1 deficit at the three minute mark with back-to-back catches to take 3-2 advantage in game.
  • Game 9: NHS Baseball defeats Houston Squad, 5-0.
    • Highlight: NHS Baseball advances to the championship round.
  • Game 10: NHS Baseball defeats Integrations, 3-1.
    • Highlight: Down 6-1 with three minutes to go, Sharushan Naicker single-handedly gets three put-outs and makes numerous athletic dodges in an attempted rally that falls short as time expires (although he did leave to a standing ovation as his teammates carried him off the floor).
  • Game 11: NHS Basketball defeats Houston Squad, 6-0 in overtime (tied 2-2 at the end of regulation).
    • Highlight: With the second berth to the Championship round at stake for the winner, this game was an extremely close contest. Two controversial calls in the last 90 seconds of regulation causes game to go to overtime; game ends in heartache for the Houston Squad as they are dispatched 6-0 in the two-minute extra session. NHS Basketball advances to Championship round.
      • Controversial call #1: a dual catch by both teams when Houston led 3-1 at 90 second mark is waved off tieing the game at 2-2. Explination: Houston player is ruled "out" by Mr. Freccia before catching ball, causing his catch to be ineligible.
      • Controversial call #2a: two players for both sides "duel" back-and-forth at 20 second mark with Houston up 3-2 when Houston player seemingly is hit on the foot prior to hitting Basketball player in chest. Explination: Since Houston player was ruled "out" prior to his throw, his put-out did not count.
      • Controversial call #2b: Houston also argues that the other Basketball player on the floor had a shot caught by a Houston player, which was missed by the two middle judges who were focused on the close play near the centerline. Explination: Since neither judge saw the play, no call was made. Back judges did not override decision.
  • Game 12: Houston Squad defeats Integrations, 6-0.
    • Highlight: The defacto "third place" game between Houston Squad and Integrations takes place with Houston clearly reeling from their bitter experience in the previous game. At the three minute mark, Integrations led 5-1 when the remaining Houston player (Ross Jackson) lofted a ball toward the basket, which was seemingly caught by an Integrations player who trapped the ball against the backboard of the basket. Since it touched the basket it the catch did not result in an out. Ross then tries to make the basket for a second time, making the shot and flipping the score to 6-5 in favor of Houston.

Houston Squad and Integrations are eliminated from the competition.

Round 3 (five minute rounds, best of three)

  • Championship Game #1: NHS Baseball defeats NHS Basketball, 4-0. (Leads series 1-0)
  • Championship Game #2: NHS Baseball defeats NHS Basketball, 5-0. (Wins series 2-0)
    • Highlight: NHS Baseball led throughout both games to win their second championship in a row. The winning team picture is available here.


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