Newark Survivor 2007 Results

Teams Participating

  1. The Fabulous Freccia's (Newark Student Government Team)
  2. Team Horsepower (Newark Future Farmers of America Team)
  3. NHS Faculty (various faculty members)
  4. The Sophisticakes (unaffiliated student group)
  5. The Flaming Caltuna's (Yellowjacket Buzz staff)

The Competition

The First Newark Survivor Competition took place over the course of four days between April 24th and April 27th. A majority of the events took place afterschool on Friday, April 27th between 2:30 and 5 pm. For each individual event, students were competing for themselves and their teams. For an individual victory (in non-tied events), students were awarded a "Survivor Tiki-Torch" to commorate that accomplishment. Placement in the event also counted for their team score. If a student finished first in the event, their team recieved five points and so on down to one point for last place (in non-tied events). When all 10-events were completed the winning team was The Fantastic Freccia's with 39 points, followed by Team Horsepower with 38 points, and a three way tie for third between NHS Faculty, The Sophisticakes, and The Flaming Caltuna's with 30 points apiece. Individual winners of the various events are listed below along with information and photos of the various events.

Individual Competition Results

Scavenger Hunt

  • Scavenger Hunt Photo Page
  • Recap (as reported on Newark Live!): The first event of Newark: Survivor took place yesterday afternoon as the five teams squared off in the Scavenger Hunt Competition. The participants in the event were given 30 questions that asked them to collect, count and uncover items throughout the building within the period of one hour. The competition was fierce and came down to the wire...and here are the results: Laura Newhard of The Fabulous Freccia's came in first with 19 questions correctly answered, followed by Kathleen Wisor of Team Horsepower with 17, Assistant Principal Michele Millar of the Faculty Team with 15, Razaz Mageid of The Sophisticakes with 12, and Eric Sweder of The Flaming Caltuna's bringing up the rear with 10 questions correctly answered. That victory puts The Fabulous Freccia's in the early lead for the $500 grand prize, which will be awarded at the free finale Friday afternoon in the West Gym.


  • Race-Around-the-Halls Photo Page
  • Recap (as reported on Newark Live!): The second event of Newark Survivor took place yesterday afternoon on the second floor as the five teams squared off in the Race-Around-the-Halls Competition. The participants in the event were tasked with completing 10 full laps around the D, C, B, and E Hallways. The race started off extremely close with four out of the five participants within 5 seconds of each other at the end of the first lap. Quickly though, Josh DeRicco of Team Horsepower began distancing himself from the competition finishing first in each of the remaining nine laps and finishing with a time of 9 minutes and 22 seconds. Glenn Watson of The Fantastic Freccia's finished second, Mrs. Cara Albright of the Faculty Team finished third by overcoming two competitors in the final two laps, Frank Hall of the Flaming Caltuna's finished fourth, and Jon Murray of the Sophisticakes finished fifth. The victory by Team Horsepower ties them with The Fantastic Freccia's in first place for the entire competition at 9, followed by the Faculty Team with 6, and The Flaming Caltuna's and The Sophisticakes tied for last with 3 points apiece.

Sudoku Challenge

  • Sudoku Challenge Photo Page (includes a copy of the Sudoku Puzzle)
  • Recap (as reported on Newark Live!): Two activities took place yesterday as the road to decide which team will be crowned Newark Survivor continued. The first activity was the Sudoku Puzzle Challenge which was solved with the astounding time of two minutes by Mrs. Jackie Kook of Team Horsepower. Sara Truitt of The Sophisticakes finished second, followed by Mrs. Tami Lundsford of the Faculty Team, Megan Brancaccio of the Flaming Caltuna's and Justine Watson of The Fantastic Freccia's.

Texas Hold'em Tournament

  • Texas Hold'em Photo Page
  • Recap (as reported on Newark Live!): The second activity featured a Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament between the five teams. In an up-and-down match that featured multiple lead changes, four straight "all in's" by Mr. Scott Bacon at the two hour mark sealed the victory for The Fantastic Freccia's. Andrew Willoughby of Team Horsepower finished second, while Rochelle McDonald of The Sophisticakes finished third, and Mr. Brian Howarth and Ms. Katie Smith tied for fourth.

Knowledge Bowl

  • Knowledge Bowl Photo Page
  • Recap: This event featured an 18-question competition that delved into various areas of knowledge ranging from Science to Math to Social Studies to English to Drivers Ed. In a back-and-forth contest of wits it fittingly came down to the final question with four of the five contestants tied for first place. The final question, dealing with which way are you supposed to look while stopped at an intersection (left), saw two incorrect answers, two correct guesses and one confident correct answer - resulting in a three way tie for first between Tiffany Wen of The Flaming Caltuna's, Dylan Chapp of The Sophisticakes, and Mr. Bob McDowell of the Faculty Team. Eric Andres of the Fantastic Freccia's finshed second and Slavica Vorkapic finished third for Team Horsepower.

Competitive Eating

  • Competitive Eating Competition Photo Page
  • Recap: This event required each participant to eat an entire 12 inch pizza from Little Caesars in the shortest amount of time. Luckily, no "incidents" occurred surrounding the regurgitation of the contest materials. After nearly eight minutes, Sean Belardo of The Fantastic Freccia's finished first, followed a little more than a minute later by Andrew Hudson of The Flaming Caltuna's. Both participants used different strategies - a single piece at a time strategy vs. the "stack and dunk" strategy. Brandon Gillespie of the Sophisticakes finished third and Mr. Mike Keogh finished distant fourth for the Faculty Team. Chris Roberts of Team Horsepower had two pieces remaining when the event was concluded by Mr. Freccia.

Obstacle Course

  • Obstacle Course Photo Page
  • Recap: Participants in this event had to do a series of tasks that included: Hitting a 3-point shot, dizzy bat dash, 10 jump-rope jumps, sack-hop across the gym floor, and complete a 100-piece puzzle of the United States. Even though Matt Morelli of Team Horsepower had the hardest time of the five competitors completing the "physical" part of the challenge, he flew through the puzzle finishing first. Mr. Matt Hammond of the Faculty Team finished just over a minute behind, followed by Jeff Leap of the Sophisticakes in third and David Sisson of The Flaming Caltuna's finished fourth. Ironically enough, Jessica Ermak of The Fanastic Freccia's finished the physical part of the challenge with one of the fastest times but was slowed to a fifth place finish on the puzzle portion.


  • H-O-R-S-E Photo Page
  • Recap: Participants in this event had to either make a shot, match a shot, or go home. Each participant had to match a made shot in order to avoid adding a letter to their name. Once spelling "HORSE" the contestant had the possibility to wash their "board" clean with a made shot from half-court. Aaron Weng of The Sophisticakes was the first to leave the game followed by John DeRicco of Team Horsepower. Mr. Greg Benjamin of the Faculty Team (also the NHS Basketball coach) was the next to fall thanks to two early letters prior to "warming himself up". Two clutch shots by Mr. Matt Lohman of The Fantastic Freccia's kept him in the game although Eric Kremer of The Flaming Caltuna's was too far ahead for the comeback to last. Eric finished in first with two letters/missed shots to spare.

Endurance Challenge

  • Endurance Challenge Photo Page
  • Recap: The five participants in this task had to keep their hands completely still for the length of the entire Newark Survivor activity. In addition to trying to not move their hands, they also had to endure periods of harassment by chosen opponents from the competing teams. These "harassers" had bubbles, pom-poms, water guns and their own annoying banter to try and induce movement of the contestants. With the exception of Mr. Tyler Tomashek who quit at the one hour mark, the remaining contestants "survived" for an impressive two hour 20 minutes resulting in a four-way tie for first place.

Dance Dance Revolution

  • Dance Dance Revolution Photo Page
  • Recap: It was fitting that the final event of Newark Survivor come down to the wire. Contestants in this event had three opportunities to dance to a random song set on the difficult level, with their best score "counting" as the official score. The selected song by the Playstation 2 was "It's a Wonderful Night" by Fat Boy Slim. The two contestants who scored the highest would then move on to a head-to-head best-of-three match to determine the ultimate winner. Ms. Tammy Garber (who had never played the game prior to this event) finished last for the Faculty Team. Zaina Akande of The Flaming Caltuna's (who made it about 15% thru the song) finished fourth, while Melissa Kitchen of The Sophisticakes (who made it about 30% thru the song) finished third. Fittingly the only two people who danced through the entire song came from the two teams who had won the most events in Newark Survivor AND both of their teams needed a victory to win the tournament. In the best of three match-up, Jae Shim of The Fantastic Freccia's squeeked out two close victories over Leighann Stead of Team Horsepower to clinch the victory in the event and the overall tournament.