Newark Survivor 2008 Results

Teams Participating

  1. Students Team
  2. Faculty Team

The Competition

The Second Newark Survivor Competition took place over the course of four days between January 22nd and Januaray 25th. A majority of the events took place afterschool on Friday, January 25th between 2:10 and 4:00 pm. In each event, two students and two faculty members were competing for their teams. For each victory, the team (whether faculty or student) would be awarded four points to commorate that accomplishment. Placement in the event also counted for their team score (with each resulting point in a decending scale from four). When all 11-events were completed the The Faculty Team defeated the Student Team, 65 to 63. Details, a recap, and photos of the various events are found below.

Individual Competetion Results


Race Around the Halls
Despite the best efforts of the faculty participants, they were bested in the 10-lap race around the 2nd floor C-B-E-D hallways after school. Jason Huynh won the race with a time of 8 minutes, 15 seconds followed by Sharushan Naiker 10 seconds later. Although Mrs. Thomas (9 minutes, 15 seconds) and Huzar (DNF) were defeated, don't fault them - the race was close all the way to the 9th lap.


Scavenger Hunt
The Faculty team rebounded to tie the competition at 10 points apiece as the dynamic duo of Mrs. Halfen and Rossi managed to answer 21 of the 30 questions correct within 30 minutes. The Student team of Shawn Patterson and Donquesia Roberson finished a distant 2nd with only 13 correct answers during the same time period.


Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament
When the chips are down, count on the Faculty. Despite fake mustashes and gaudy sunglasses, Mr. Howarth defeated Mr. Goldstein, Nicole Mozee, and Nick Picollelli in the Poker Tournament as he out-bluffed and out-bid his competition. Nick Picollelli was out first and hour in to the competition as he was unable to break a string of bad hands. Nicole Mozee and Mr. Goldstein, forced to go "all in" due to the high blind, followed suit 30 minutes later leaving Mr. Howarth with all 120 chips.


Scrabble Tournament
Mrs. Sachar showed off her English prowess by winning the Scrabble Tournament by a margin of 150 points, with a score of 471 (averaging 27.71 points per play). Mrs. Forese, despite having to "dump" her tiles in the second play, rallied to take second place as the bag emptied and solidified her second place finish by going out, gaining a 14-point bump, to end with 338 (averaging 19.82 points per play). Mr. Freccia (playing for the Student team), despite holding onto second for most of the game (with the help of real and fake words), finished third with 305 (averaging 19.18 points per play) and Megan Gerhart finished fourth with 207 points (averaging 12.93 points per play).


Wing Competition
This event, which was held by the Sportsmanship Committee last year during PepFest, replaced last year's Survivor eating stunt (pizza). As was the case last year in last year's PepFest event, Jason Babbitt finished first in the two minute event. Unlike last time, however, a "wing-off" had to be held in order to decide the winner as Mr. Howarth tied him thru two minutes with 18 wings apiece. In the one minte "wing off", Jason emerged victorious with 10 wings eaten to Howarth's 8 and was awarded by the Sportsmanship Committee with their Wing Eating Trophy.

Special Note: This event was to take place during PepFest but due to time constraints it took place with the rest of the Survivor events afterschool in front of a crowd of about 200.


Mr. Benjamin made up for his 3rd place finish last year by slowly eliminating his competition by making shot-after-shot from the free throw line in front of the Basketball team before departing for an away-game against Delcastle (a game they won). Benjamin ended up with H-O-R, two away from elimination.


Knowledge Bowl
In a back-and-forth match, the Faculty took a quick one question lead on the third question (of fifteen) by knowing what country the painter Picasso was from (Spain) and increased that lead to two by answering question 12 correctly in knowing that Akron, OH is home to the Inventor's Hall of Fame. Down by two with three questions to go, the Student team rallied by correctly answering how many stocks are indexed on the Dow Industrial Average (30) and who was the last man on the moon (Eugene Cernan). On the final question, Mr. Yonko correctly guessed that a pentheraphobic is "someone is afraid of their mother-in-law" to win the event for the Student Team.


Twister (formally known as the Endurance Challenge)
Five minutes into the competition only two competitors remained - Ms. Garber and Glenn Watson. It took ten minutes of athletic (and at times awkward) manuevering before Glenn fell to the mat, leaving the Faculty with the victory.


Guitar Hero
Neither faculty member was a match for John Murray's rendition of "When You Were Young" (2006) by The Killers, in which he correctly played the song to a 98% accuracy. Neither faculty member got through the first few seconds of their attempt on the Expert Level in the third edition of the game.


Obstacle Course
On this year's obstacle course, competitors had to:
  • Shoot a three-point basket using a basketball
  • Dizzy bat (five revolutions) from half-court to the other basket
  • Jump rope 10 times in-a-row without stopping or messing up
  • Fill a cup at mid-court with water gun that they had to fill from an exterior water-source
  • Complete a 100 piece puzzle of the United States
Jason Huynh, a last minute substitution for the Student Team, finished each part of the competition by building a considerable lead going in to the puzzle (about 90 seconds). BUT, like last year, the puzzle proved to be an equalizer as each of the competitors spent an average of ten minutes struggling through the puzzle portion. Although Mr. Tomashek managed to close the gap, Jason emerged victorious with a time of 15:45 to keep the overall score tied in the competition with one event to go. Tomashek finished second at 16:15, followed by Mr. Murasukas at 17:30 and Marqueita Alladin (DNF).


Win, Lose, or Draw (Pictionary)
Last minute substitutions Ms. Garber and Mrs. Ralph had the best teamwork / drawing ability as they correctly drew and answered nine of the ten items within the four minute time period. That score narrowly beat out the second place team of Michelle Lepori-Bui and Paige Scholes, who finished with seven correct. Ms. Morano and Ms. Millar finished third with six (clinching the competition for the Faculty Team) and Lauren Aro and Jessica Davis finished with four.

Overall Results

The Faculty Team ended up winning the entire competition 65-63. In addition to the highest score, the Faculty team won six of the eleven events. All told 22 Faculty members and 21 students competed in this year's competition with a little under 30 people witnessing the final event (although nearly 200 were on hand at the beginning of the Friday events following PepFest).